Rite Aid Healthy Futures charity launches with new name, look and focus.

Rite Aid Healthy Futures has launched a Periscope-created rebrand as it enters a new era of philanthropy. The organization, formerly known as Rite Aid Foundation, was evolving its primary work from children’s development to a sharpened focus on health, wellness, race and equity for underserved populations — and it needed a new identity that tied these themes together.

Our new identity is a commitment to do all we can to create a world in which everyone won’t just imagine — but live — a healthy future.


“We recognize the long journey ahead to advance and achieve equity for our neighbors and neighborhoods,” DeCamara added. “But we believe that by working together with our partners and Rite Aid customers, we can make positive change one city, one neighborhood, one person, one action at a time. We can all be the human spark that drives real progress and uplifts our neighborhoods.”

We leveraged the recognition of the Rite Aid name and its association with community causes, which it supports through in-store programs that let customers round up to donate to local nonprofits. “Healthy Futures” combines wellness with forward movement, highlighting that stronger communities come from considering not just one future, but equitable futures for all. For the logo mark, we featured the Rite Aid brand color palette with a new unique, ownable element in the “human spark.” This icon, formed by three intersecting circles, represents bringing the charity, community partners and neighborhoods together to create positive change. That commitment to collaboration is underscored with the new tagline “Uplifting our neighborhoods together.”

With a new, vibrant look and a clear community care-focused mission, Right Aid Healthy Futures is set up to build more awareness of the charity through meaningful messaging that deepens engagement with stakeholders as well as the neighborhoods it serves.