“Reverse RFP” from Favorite Child seeks future favorites.

As Favorite Child, our mission is to make brands a favorite through the power of design. So, as part of our launch, we wanted to start by using our design powers to do some good. Instead of responding to an RFP, we’re flipping the process and putting out a Reverse RFP for brands to respond to. Then we’ll donate our time to help turn one deserving brand into a “favorite child.”

Like most RFP processes, it will be extensive and incredibly time and labor intensive. 

Ha, we kid, we kid.

Just answer these three questions!*

➙ What makes your brand worthy of being favorited?

How is your brand putting good out into the world?

How is your brand inclusive at its core?

Submit Reverse RFP responses to RFP@FavoriteChild.com by August 31, 2022.**

It’s good to be a favorite child.

*Bonus points for creatively breaking our Reverse RFP guidelines. **Yes, we welcome a tissue session.